Nueve sorprendentes propuestas para reconstruir la aguja y el tejado destruido de Notre Dame
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Nueve sorprendentes propuestas para reconstruir la aguja y el tejado destruido de Notre Dame

Algunos estudios de arquitectura están presentando en redes algunas propuestas innovadoras para la reconstrucción de la aguja y del techo de la nave central de Notre Dame, que fueron pastos del fuego el pasado 15 de abril.

Apenas extinguido el fuego de Notre Dame, y en cuanto se pudo confirmar que la estructura de la catedral no había sufrido daños, el gobierno francés confirmaba que las labores de reconstrucción comenzarían a la mayor brevedad posible y se daban un ambicioso plazo de cinco años para su ejecución.

A pesar de las buenas intenciones y de las numerosas y cuantiosas donaciones recibidas para llevarlas a cabo, la mayor dificultad para realizar esta reconstrucción puede estar en la falta de mano de obra cualificada que pudiera reproducir un forjado de más de 800 años de antigüedad y la fecha; una compleja estructura de plomo y piedra que vino a sustituir a la original en las obras de restauración dirigidas por el Viollet-le-Duc hacia mediados del siglo XIX.

Frente a la opción de reconstruir fielmente lo destruido, muchos creen que sería una buena elección que el gobierno francés optase por un diseño vanguardista que aproveche las nuevas tecnologías y avances arquitectónicos de hoy. Al fin y al cabo la catedral ya ha sido objeto de varias ampliaciones e intervenciones a lo largo de su historia, y cada intervención responde a una necesidad, -como en este caso-, que a su vez es parte de la historia de catedral. . Entre las opciones hay mucho cristal, algunas propuestas "eco" como un techo sostenible o vegetal, y alguna otra muy futurista y llamativa, como la llama que interpreta literamente el momento de la destrucción.

"PALINGENESIS, TRIBUTE TO NOTRE-DAME" advocates for an exemplary project in ecological engineering that feels true to its time and avoids a pastiche architecture that turns the city into an open-air museum. Circular economy, renewable energies, inclusive social innovation, urban agriculture farm, protection of biodiversity, without forgetting beauty and spiritual elevation our design proposal feeds on such values to deliver a deep, conscious meaning. From primitive Gothic in the 12th century to its restoration by Viollet-le Duc in the 19th century , through the radiant Gothic of the 13th century and the flamboyant Gothic of the 14th century, Notre-Dame cathedral undoubtedly arises from centuries of work and multi-faceted inspiration. As such, it is hardy encumbered by useless musings about the overlapping styles inherent in the building. Each wave of time contributes its alluvium, each race deposits its layer on the monument, each individual brings his stone. Thus do the beavers, thus do the bees, thus do people. Victor Hugo The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) . . . Click on the link in our bio to discover the projet in details . . . #notredame #notredamedeparis #notredamecathedral #paris #parisfrance #rebuildnotredame #circulareconomy #crosslaminatedtimber #woodenstructure #clt #solarglass #photovoltaic #renewableenergy #climatechange #urbanfarming #garden #spirituality #ecological #urbanagriculture #biodiversity #socialinnovation #beauty #gothic #forest #victorhugo #catholic #tribute #green

The devastating fire at Notre-Dame de Paris sparked intense emotions around the world. Soon after that a debate started around the world between the traditionalists and modernist about the restoration of the cathedral. We at AVEDA have our own take about keeping the cultural value of the cathedral intact with todays technology. Augmented reality(AR) is one of them. AR enables the 3D virtual object to be superimposed on a real world simultaneously at the same space and time which will enriche the immersive experience of the cathedral. Without having to touch and loose any of the cultural value we can use this technology to achieve the same look and feel as the cathedral was in the past. So here at Aveda design studio we are trying to make this world a better place by this small concept that can be turned into reality with Augmented Reality. Thank you. #paris #parisfrance #parishilton #parisjetaime #paris #notredamecathedral #notredame #notredamedeparis #notredamefire #architect #architecture #architecturenow #design #AVEDAdesignstudio #pune #india #love #art

"La Couronne Divine" @yuriytitarev "Our proposal for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral is to use one element that it has the best, the stained glass. Make all the cover in stained glass, including the tower, with transparency to the inner side, through the opening of the vaults, leaving only the structures flying buttresses. In Gothic there is the connection of the earth to the sky, and inside the Cathedral, the natural illumination multiplies in colors through the filter of the cover in stained glass. At night the inner illumination turns into a grandiose retro backlit coverage. A single element used, stained glass. No new architectural features, no intervention elements (redesign), no ego, no artistic aspirations. Only a religious purpose Whatever the choice of this restoration, may God enlighten the "Notre Dame", preferably in a stained glass cover Amen." Alexandre Fantozzi is not intervention, "redesign", is restoration It is not competition of better 3d render, it is only idea of restoration project #lacouronnedivine @notredamedeparis @notredameproposal @alexandre_fantozzi @carvalho.juf @aj6studio @morpholio @architizer @adesignersmind @architecture_hunter @designboom @wallpapermag @archdaily @archdailybr @archdigest @architectanddesign @architecturenow @archello @notredame @saintgobaingroup @saintgobainbrasil @saintgobainglassbrasil @editoramonolito @carolinedemaigret @antoniospadaro @parisfutur @wazou_75 @seemyparis @vivreparis @labnf @vogueparis @glamurama @gnt @ad_magazine @thecoolhunter_@time #nytimes @babaktafreshi @designmilk @artbasel @artsytecture @instadaconexao @fernandoguerra @parisenespanol #notredame #notredameparis #paris #france #aj6 #aj6studio #morewithless #vitral #stainedglass #vitrail #arquitetura #architecture #architettura #saintgobain #saintgobainbr #glass #verre #lilysafra #restauration #notredesign #restoration #fantozzi #alexandrefantozzi #designer #iluminationdesign #stainedglasswindows #cathedral #parisjetaime

How can we re-build the past for a new future. Full Article on BD Architecture 'As a French artist and architect, the process of restoring one of our most sacred and historic landmarks raises few questions in my mind and a hasty rebuild isnt the right answer to any of them.

Today the French architecture board website reads, Heritage, ancient or contemporary, is a revealing and structuring element of our culture, and we must inculcate ourselves to keep alive these markers but also built today the markers of our time.Ultimately, I trust in Frances cultural core and its decision makers to have the audacity to move forward while retaining The Ladys timeless image. I can only hope the project will be humble but innovative, delicate, beautiful and engaged,created by highly skilled people around a common table. '

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